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fella time

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fella time

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Tonight I made a box meal - a soy-based sloppy-joe stove top dealy. I made a salad to go with the sandwiches. It was all right, nothing amazing. It did the job, being pleasingly palatable.

During a musical interlude, I read the better part of Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow (who I don't really know, having only heard the name through XKCD). It is kind of reminding me of cyberpunk, but with online/virtual stuff. It's like that Tad Williams series that I didn't finish and can't recall the name of and can't be arsed to look up for a heading-to-bed-right-after-this post - Otherlands or something like that.

We had more music in the form of watching The Commitments, which I had never seen before. It was good, lots of good music, strong performances. The ending surprised me, not for content but just by virtue of happening when it did. Sometimes they do that. I stayed awake for the whole thing, which isn't exactly unprecedented but also not strictly unremarkable (hence the remarking).

We wrapped the evening with a reasoned discourse on the virtue of tucked versus untucked shirts, and then I headed home for winding down (as seen here) followed by bed.

Hope everyone had a nice night!
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