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this is not my beautiful drive up restaurant

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this is not my beautiful drive up restaurant

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I went to Sonic last night.

In spite of the "ooh" factor of living near one, I haven't actually been very much, and when I have it's been mostly just for ice cream. It's a corporate Sam's - which is stating the obvious for anyone who is familiar with Byron and means nothing to anyone else, so I'll elucidate that Sam's is an old-fashioned Dog'n'Suds style restaurant in my hometown.

I want them to sell pints and quarts of soft serve the way Sam's does, but they don't. I'm sure there's a place to get it, but it seems wrong that the place with the drive-in menus isn't it.

Also, the last time I went to Sonic, I wanted a butterscotch sundae, and they didn't have butterscotch. Last night, I tried again and realized what I hadn't understood before - they don't EVER have butterscotch. The picture on the menu which I took for butterscotch is supposedly either pineapple or peanut butter.

Yeah, like hell it is! That is SO clearly a butterscotch sundae and DAMN it, I want one.

Then again, Sam's isn't even open this time of year, so it's not like I could get one there either. Plus, Sonic doesn't make the girls wear skirts and saddle shoes while serving, so I'm sure the employees are pleased with that.
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