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sleep or cat, can't have both

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sleep or cat, can't have both

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Up since four.

Nona woke me but I can't be mad. She was on the bed wanting pets, and took some, in spite of the fact that Nameless was on the bed by my head. She was jumpy and skittish about it, but she came.

Her outside hissing range at this point is four feet. This morning she was sitting on the chaise part of the couch, and hissed when he came to the foot of it but then he flopped and they both just sat, double decker kitties. She's still not thrilled, and some of the time she is actually mad, but some of the noise she's making is clearly just for form's sake.

Good thing he is so placid; otherwise this would not be working nearly so well as it clearly is. I continue to administer foods as appropriate.

Today will be hard but it's ok - I came home early from work yesterday and even though I will make up for the time I was gone, that extra three hours made me feel disproportionately good.
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