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dream on

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dream on

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More weird dreams.

It was a family reunion in a "renovated" house (that had pics of how it was before, except I made it up). My mom was wearing this really odd hat. It turned out she was making an outfit out of lacy, ivory-colored holiday napkins. I had to concede it looked all right, but I still had to laugh. Then she came at me with a green one with red holly and I said, "Uh, NO."

There was a little kid with an aging baseball star for a dad, and he loved the baseball but then his dad had to retire and become an accountant, but the dad loved punk music. Then another baseball player was trying to make a band and the tryouts were lame because the auditioners were playing like studio musicians from the 80s. Then one of them was this amazing guitar player, and THEN Jack Black showed up, and knocked over some speakers or something.

There was also some complicated story about little ballet girls who were telling stories with dance and narration (which may be just what ballet needs!) and something about another aging rocker baseball player who was a janitor now and he and I were trying to watch a punk-and-ballet performance, but he had an electric mop bucket that wouldn't stop beeping because it was low on water, and we tried and tried to turn it off, but when we got it the beeping was still going. That was the alarm.
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