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I'm thinking about names. Bear does not work for this sweetie boy: Photobucket (thanks to loh for the picture! At the time, he felt safest under the bed. He's out now, but this was the view when the camera was here. There should be better photo ops tomorrow). If he's reminiscent of any non-feline critter, it's in a kind of puppyish vibe - and no, I'm not naming him "Puppy" or anything similar.

He puts me in mind of the flatcats from The Rolling Stones, so I'm thinking of pulling a name from that (or maybe just reading it again and doing something else).

Other thoughts:

Dusty (for color and tail)
Isador (also for the tail, and for a macabre reference)
Slinky (for smooth motion and collapsibility)

I dunno, though. I'll have to wait and see a while longer, if any of these is him, or if something else is yet to occur.
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