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dream and cats

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dream and cats

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I dreamed about Grandma being back in her and Grandpa's old house, and the chair I was in kept moving and I needed to get rubber discs to put under the legs to keep from scratching the floor (nevermind that the breezeway was always short carpet over cement). Then there was something about a little kid and a barbeque.

Then I had a black government plane, though I didn't fly it. The people I was with and I needed to have some relaxation time. As it turned out, you could hook a car to a plane and they would make a boat, but by the time we got to the water (under the New York skyline) it was too late to do it and get much boating done before dark. nekouken said they had quicker ones that would hook up in two minutes - they looked EXACTLY like a giant version of the frying pan my new bank gave me as a gift for starting an account.

Nona woke me, and I realized the alarm was going off in the bedroom behind the closed door.

Cat introduction is still going well, but Nona's notably less than thrilled. She lets him get closer and closer before getting pissy all the time, but when I have gone to bed each night things have gotten louder, so I have been separating them once the loudness comes. Given that, I'm going to leave them separated during the day. If she decides to change that she can. Because of the orientation of the door, he can't. That works okay, since she is the pissy one.

Must go - got to finish double cat care and shower and still leave on time. Hope everyone has a good day!
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