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Bear moves in, does not go over mountain

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Bear moves in, does not go over mountain

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Last night I got home from work and set up a new larger litterbox, picked up for me by loh, before she picked me up mahself and we went to the shelter to pick up Bear (I dunno about that name, I have to give it some thought). Lots of picking up going on there, though I forgot to pick up the carrier when I left and had to go back for it.

He moved around a little in the carrier while it was in motion, but other than that he was crazy calm, so much so that we felt okay grabbing Subway on the way home. I was stunned at how quiet he was - it does not match my experience of "cat." He finally lost his cool a bit once we were in the apartment and cried a little when I set the carrier on the floor. I chose the living room so he and Nona could get a first look.

When Nona saw that there was another cat here, I think her first reaction was a basic WTF more than any kind of upset. Then - and I find this hilarious - they BOTH went in the bedroom, and they BOTH hid under the bed, about three feet apart. If they were hiding from each other, I'm thinking they both lose. Maybe they were just kinda sharing a bunker while hiding from life change.

Bear ventured out from under the bed to check out the kitchen, in a series of tiny stops. Nona followed him to each stop, completely silent. Then he went back under the bed, and she came out to skulk under the desk for a while. I closed the door so they could maybe feel secure. This is when I realized that I'm very lucky that no pitched battle has manifested, because the door doesn't actually latch. It can be pushed open from the outside with no effort at all. Luckily, it seems to be good enough for now.

loh and I moved to the bedroom and hung out to see if he would come out. He didn't, though he seemed very calm under the bed. Nona came in and hissed at him a bit. Aha, here it comes, except not really - it was very discreet, as polite as hissing can be. I shut her out anyway, though, and we got on the bed and waited there to see what would happen - which was nothing; he stayed where he was.

After loh decided to head home, I came out into the living room and left the door open. Nothing really happened until I shut off the big light and lay down on the couch to read. THEN there was some more hissing, so I closed the door for the night.

Nothing happened during the night, and this morning Nona got noisy as usual and woke me. I opened up the bedroom door and Nona got hissy again - AT the bedroom, from the safety of the hallway. My brave girl... Anyway, door's closed again, for now.

If this is war, it's very passive - whimpery, not bangy. I seem to have two cats who go back to their corners and hide out at the drop of a hat. Nona has gotten really quiet - I won't rejoice when that part of normal life returns! - and is hanging out by the desk a lot, asking for extra attention. Did I mention quiet? It's amazing! Meanwhile, Bear will poke his head out occasionally when I leave the door open, at which point Nona offers up more ladylike hissing. For the rest of the time hangs out under the bed unless I'm in the room with the door shut, sitting on the floor to be cajoled for pets. I don't want to get too optimistic, but all the signs so far are looking very good.

I think I will go out for a while and see what I can find for inexpensive snuggly things for kitty bedding. Any excuse to buy more faux fleece!
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