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Good weekend. I hit that good weekend clip - did enough to feel productive but not enough to feel like I have no leisure time (which I can do, but if there is no reason to do it - like a party or a visitor to clean for, or some other goal with a timeline - makes me cranky and rebellious, and ends up with less getting done than if I just took it easier).

Nona is very talky this morning. She wants something and I have no idea what; maybe play time, but that feels like a distraction somehow. I think she just knows that she's going to be alone all day again and doesn't like it. Judging from her behaviour, I think she'd be happier if I stayed home the same amount during the week that I do during the weekend. Gotta bring home the bacon, though. The kitty boyfriend attempt has to be made - if nothing else, it'll definitely be a distraction.

Something started smelling weird yesterday and I don't know what. Hopefully it will go away when I take out the trash.

Wow, hop the train to Dullsville. Better go to work and end all this.
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