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Bad, good and cute

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Bad, good and cute

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My paycheck never came last week. I waited for it all during the holiday, which was kinda slow on account of being by myself and pretty much flat broke. I had money available from dad for work I did for him, so I wasn't seriously hurtin', but I wanted to use that as little as possible, and it's only available in check form, nothing cardy - so there was no fun last-minute gift-shopping for me, nor shopping of any kind save one.

I got in to work the day after Christmas and discovered that the person to whom I give my timesheet ate it or something, so my check hadn't just been delayed in the mail, it was never cut at all. The same thing had happened with my first paycheck when I faxed the timesheet (as instructed), so I'd hand-delivered my sheet this time. Silly me, thinking I was being all proactive by making a connection with a human being - putting it in her hand didn't guarantee that she'd send it on as she was supposed to do, and this time I didn't even have a fax confirmation to show. So, no sugar for me, and my faith in humanity has eroded just that much more.

Even so, I did what I was supposed to do and I would normally have been able to get an interim check. With the holiday, though, there was no one in office who was able to authorize one for me on Wednesday, and by Thursday they were already setting up the ones for next week, so they just added last weeks' to next weeks' and too bad for me if I need that dough - the same MO on their part as if I hadn't turned my hours in at all. That's always been a risk of temping, and it's normally a self-contained sow-what-you-reap kind of punishment, but it's never happened to me before. Unlike the agencies I've worked for in the past, these guys don't call to check on timesheets that don't come in - apparently they just assume you have quit. So now I AM being punished - not for failing on my part but for trusting them to be able to handle theirs. Nice.

From now on I'll fax my sheet, then email the girl to confirm she got the fax, and THEN email the people who cut the checks to confirm she forwarded it to them (if I send it directly to them they will reject it, as it has to be approved by accounting first). The only step that's legitimately my responsibility is the first one; all the ones after are just what I have to do to make a "paper" trail and ensure that the folks do their jobs by compensating me for doing mine. I should really charge them interest for the two weeks...

Say, did I mention I'm working as a temp for the state government? Kinda backs the stereotypes, eh?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Made a kickin' dinner of Cambodian Style Tofu Salad over Rice Vermicelli for the fella and myself last night. It was simultaneously elaborate and simple, and it was very satisfying to make. I also enjoyed eating it, which I wasn't sure I would, what with the ginger. I used one substitution - forgot to bring over the brown sugar, so the fella looked up the conversion rate for molasses (1:6 which worked out perfectly since it was two tablespoons of sugar, which breaks down into six teaspoons (well, it was 6 to 8 but I ignored the 8 in favor of perfect math)) and I used that. Slight variations rather than substitutions: the jalapeno was in oil rather than fresh and the ginger was pickled (snagged thriftily obtained from sushi leftovers) - both ingredients were left in weakened states, which was probably good, since the dressing part of the recipe, as written, looked to me like someone said, "Hey, let's find all the strongest-tasting elements in the whole kitchen and boil them all together!" It was pleasing all around, with a possibility in the future of a divided batch with the bell pepper and scallions withheld from 1 portion. There's a picture of my presentation on the fella's camera phone.

In spite of the contretemps of paying temps, I really like my job. Especially today, when I solved a problem for a coworker who had been told "can't be fixed" by the techies. *grin*

Also, nekouken is coming, and I am really looking forward to that. We will do all kinds of bummy things and eat at restaurants that don't exist in the Chicago area or are no longer there.

More also, while I was flat busted over the holiday, that self-same brother o'mine bought me a pizza long distance. All I had to handle was the tip (he could have but I wanted the option to give less if the pizza was banged up). It was quite awesome.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The one kind of shopping I did do over the holiday was at the pet store. One thing I got was some new toys for Nona - she needs more entertainment, and the catnip mice and chewy dealies were not popular items. This time it was strings attached to sticks. She really likes the one with feathers glued on - she keeps trying to steal it, after she's stopped playing and flopped nonchalantly on her side to fool it into complacency. When she gets it and runs, it looks like Valentine with the tribble, if the tribble was on a stick. It's definitely running a close second to her liking of the laser pointer; it's not first, as she doesn't seem to like the feather-fluff-in-the-mouth result.

She's more enthusiastic about this kind of play after catnip, which I don't think is the case with the laser pointer. :)

I'd bought three cheap toys along this line, wanting reasonable odds of getting something that would be fun for both of us and figuring at least one wouldn't work for Miss Picky. Sure enough, there was also a Technicolor fish on a fishing line that has gone to other kitties, since Nona was very suspicious of it. There's also a strip of fabric one that seems to be meh.
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