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cat alarm clock

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cat alarm clock

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I think I have figured out the new cat pattern: Nona thinks that dawn means I need to get up. This is a switch; back in Glen Ellyn, she used to tell me when to go to bed.

The way she "tells" me is to meow in my face constantly, at varying levels of urgency, until I become conscious enough to drag ass into the living room, at which point she drops down to normal meowing levels (I never seem to get the cats who are actually quiet for more of their waking hours than not).

Lemme tell ya, this works really well when I've stayed up late working or playing. Blah.

The sky outside my window to the east is full of pretty purple clouds which are lightening to salmon, but that does not mitigate the effects of a short night of sleep. I've been napping during the day over the holiday to make up for the early wake up calls, but that won't be possible when I go back to work tomorrow. This morning I tried shutting her out, and she opened the door after two minutes, so now I'm seeing what happens if I get up for a while, play with her, sit at the computer (where she seems to think I belong, unlike in my nice bed) and then go back to bed. My hopes aren't too high, but it's worth a shot.

Her eating has stabilized - it's been reliable for almost three weeks now - and I'm starting to seriously consider getting her a companion. There are things about being a solo cat that really suit her, but I didn't realize how much I would worry about her when I go out, and maybe another kitty would distract her from me to some extent.

Well, here goes nothin' (and by nothin' I mean me). Once more into the sheets!

Happy holidays all around!
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