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cake class woes

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cake class woes

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emo christ
Taking a cake decorating class sounded like fun.

The way this class is set up, knowing how to ice a cake is actually a prerequisite. I suppose in retrospect that should have been obvious, but it wasn't, and I didn't know that when I signed up.

I don't know how to ice a cake, and I approached it gamely, with optimism, but apparently I can't learn it from a book. I tried for about an hour last night, then scraped it all off and got up early to try again this morning.

I can see how the technique should work, I can sorta almost kinda get it - which is so not enough. This cake looks like shit. It does not inspire me to do anything further to it in the way of decoration. Also, the clown heads stuck in frosting bodies that we're supposed to make are a bit creepy and I don't even fear clowns.

What level is below "beginner" anyway?

I hate being a quitter but I think I gotta. This was supposed to be fun, and it was when I started, but at this point it's just making me feel like a loser.

I haven't decided whether to return the stuff that is returnable or just stow it and try again when I feel less failed.

I feel pretty depressed right now.
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