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the state of things

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the state of things

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I've been having a helluva time posting to LJ, as the days have been packed, so here's a multi-post type of thing to cover at least the last week or so.


It's coming together. It's not perfect, but most of the stuff I have is in places I like having it, and the stuff I don't have yet is on lists.

A few maintenance issues have cropped up. The complex is down to one maintenance person, so requests move kinda slow. The newest one is this: the sink is leaking, even after a repair - and I realized that it's because the sink basins aren't properly attached to the counter. *forehead slap* It's eminently work-aroundable, and I've left a non-emergency message to get the work order process in motion.

My mattress is coming tomorrow; I went bananas decided to buy long term and got a king-size. I sure hope it fits into the apartment! *laugh* I'm not really worried; I believe it will fit, and if it doesn't, well, a redelivery is the same delivery charge, and the amazing sale price I got includes free delivery, so... *grin*

It's going directly onto the floor initially. I really wish I could have had the bed frame first, but it's not working that way financially, and I don't want to buy an interim frame for $50.

I put together my desk this morning. Then I realized it wasn't going to work with my computer the way I wanted, so I took it halfway apart again and put it back together with the sides reversed. Not pure productivity by any stretch, but productivity nonetheless.


She's doing well.

She continues to eat and drink, to be alert and hungry for attention and, as far as I can tell, to vocalize about as much as was normal for her back at the EH (in other words, a LOT).

I am considering a second checkup for her in another week or so - I think she may have lost weight and I want to know if it's a healthy amount. I haven't decided yet, but the cost of the last one was under $33 - not too high a pricetag for the peace of mind, I think.

She sleeps on me at night - hopefully once we have the mattress to share (right now I'm not exactly sleeping on anything remotely conventional), "on me" will become "next to me."

She still complains when I go into the kitchen. She certainly doesn't go in there. I have no idea what that's about, but her food and water are in the living room. I guess that's ok - my objection, when it came down to it, was, "But those go in the kitchen!" which is not important when she threatened not to eat at all. All I really need is a spot where I won't kick it and a tray for the dishes to go on to prevent spills on the carpet.


I seem to have sprained my ankle. I remember stepping funny yesterday; that's the only culprit I can think of. It hurts a fair bit.

What Was Old is New Again

I've been watching TV today - I put it on after I realized how long the desk was gonna take me.

I haven't regularly sat down to watch TV since, oh, 2004. I think I did a couple times in the summer of '05 while working on a huge project. It feels really weird to be doing it now.

Much of today I watched the BBC America channel, followed by the 2003 version of Peter Pan (it's actually a very interesting adaptation) and then the History Channel's take on the Macy's Parade. Right now it's the Hallmark Channel - medical drama schmaltz rather than holiday schmaltz, so that's fortunate. The score's awfully heavyhanded, though.

Banks are fun!

Distracted by life (which has been pretty full just lately), I fell for a trap* on my bank's online banking site and became overdrawn.

Saturday I went in to resolve the problem. However, my resolution didn't stick (in spite of a bank officer looking at my account and telling me my account was positive going forward) and there were additional fees by Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, I actually took time off of work to go in and fix it AGAIN - my supervisor at work told me to go, as she didn't mind me having a short day and I clearly was not able to focus on work (and with the holiday, I couldn't have handled it until next week if I hadn't done it then).

In the space of five days, I was charged a total of $343.00 in fees. So far I've gotten back $251. I told the person who worked with me I'd give them a chance: that if she could get me the other $92 I'd stay with the bank; otherwise, when I close the Chicago-based account, the new one I open will be with another bank.

The kicker to all this is fantastic: according to MY check register, if I hadn't gotten any overdraft fees, I wouldn't have become overdrawn at all.

* The trick is that it shows deposits as being in my account when they are actually still reserving the funds, and I don't see the actual balance unless I click the hyperlink on each of my supposed "account balance." In other words, they add in my deposit and then subtract it again, and show me the number from the first half of the process. I'm actually pretty appalled by this process - I mean, hi, can we say class action lawsuit?

The joy was multiplied when I found out that my account (which I opened in Chicago specifically because this bank exists both here and there) has different rules than accounts at the Lincoln branch - meaning that my checks are held for a day longer than they would be if I'd opened it here. That's why the bank officer told me, incorrectly, that my account was no longer negative. Not only that, but the bank here has to negotiate with the bank that owns my account before they can do things like reverse inappropriate overdraft charges.

I honestly thought the whole situation was due to a legitimate overdraft (i. e., my fault) until I saw a "Negative balance" charge, assessed for four consecutive days of being below $0... when my online account records only showed me as being below for one.

Though I'm not above asking for a break, I own my own mistakes, but I think there ought to at least be a first date before someone tries to fuck me.


Lincoln had its first snow on Wednesday - a wet-nasty-blowing-on-bitter-wind sort. Less than a week before it was 70 degrees out.

Coming as I do from the Chicago area, this is actually pretty familiar - but it was still unpleasant, as I was out in it (it came down while I was going to and returning from the bank).


Since I was up late the other night working on financial unpleasantness, I decided to counter that by making comfort food. Much comfort food is junk food, but not my yummy crockpot beef stew. I didn't thicken it the way I usually do, but it's still darn good. I could have recooked it without the lid to reduce it, but it's super-duper as is.
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