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kitty adjustments

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kitty adjustments

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I think Nona is settling in.

She wasn't eating when she first got here Monday night, but she started on Wednesday. I'm not sure she's eating enough, but I took her to a local vet on Thursday night and she checked out as fine. I've asked three vets what trouble indicators to look for, and I'm still watching her pretty closely - it's easier to gauge how much she's eating, drinking, etc. because her sisters aren't here. I have a scrip for kitty appetite stimulants that I'm hoping not to have to fill, but it's available.

She was very unhappy the first couple of days, but almost a week later, she's calmed down a lot and there are definitely some things here that she likes - especially the wide-enough-for-kitty windowsills and the chance for uninterrupted attention.

There is the fact that she gets upset when I go in the kitchen (and I keep doing it, darn me!) and won't go in herself - hey, there had to be something weird, right? - but I feel good about saying she's adjusting.
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