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still me, but crunchier

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still me, but crunchier

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I joined a coop called Open Harvest this week. I support the leanings toward whole foods, I support the emphasis on local growers, and I was already shopping there anyway. Some of the things I purchase there are fairly expensive, so the discounts that come with membership will help my budget (I should really make myself an actual budget), and if I volunteer it will get me additional discounts (5% off all purchases for every hour per week I help out) as well as supporting something I favor.

See, I would like to go out and find local producers, visit farms, etc., but realistically, I'm just not going to do the research. I could make time to do it but I won't. I know this, it's an established fact - I don't even make it to the farmer's market. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing about me - I am in favor of these things because I am pro-environment and pro-small-business, but they aren't issues about which I feel great passion, so it's not shocking that I don't have tons of get-up-and-go in this direction.

By joining an outfit that is already in place and has done the legwork, I can sidestep the hump of initial outlay of energy and get straight to the part where I'm doing things that I think are good. It's a lot better than driving to Omaha to go to Whole Foods would be, which I understand is not an unmitigated force for good, and certainly has the problems that any large corporation carries - as well as being insanely wasteful of gas.

This plus the fact that I gave blood this month for the first time in over a decade (wholly due to the influence of the fella) and I am feeling pretty good about volunteerism - not that it's rest-on-my-laurels time, but I think it's a good start.
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