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stuff happened

Monday, September 24:
played disc golf with the fella for the first time. Pretty fun!
loh made tuna masala - yum!
we all watched a movie called The Last King of Scotland, an account of Idi Amin through the eyes of a fictional Scottish doctor who entered his inner circle

Tuesday, September 25:
loh made a lentil and vegetable soup and corn cake - it was sooo good (I took it to work for lunch the rest of the week)

Wednesday, September 26:
nekouken's birthday
went with nick number and loh to see the Transformers movie, at a couches-pizza-beer type theatre (I only partook of the couch part)
went for dinner at a sushi restaurant called Wasabi! I tried a dessert sushi; I just don't like seaweed, though I wish I did.
ice cream! Ben and Jerry's, two shared pints for three people - chocolate chip cookie dough and, uh, stuff.

Thursday, September 27:
I made a dish called Omelette Curry from a newish cookbook of loh's, 50 Great Curries of India. Due to a perhaps injudicious application of chili powder on my part, it was so spicy that it made my lips numb. nick_number conceded that it was fairly hot.

Friday, September 28:

Saturday, September 29
big shopping day! First went with the fella while he picked up a car payment, then to a sporting goods store for disc golf and badminton supplies, then to Michael's (I spent 35 cents on embroidery floss), quick stop at Quizno's, hit the Asian market (I got chopsticks!) and to the big grocery store.

Sunday, September 30
can't remember a durn thing.

Maybe next week I'll write about last week.

  • crushered

    I really really REALLY need to check Wil Wheaton's blog more often.

  • sat down beside her

    Ok, this just combines all kinds of cool things - corsets, diy, spiders, and, of course, duct tape.

  • kitchen avenger

    Garlic must pay.

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