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red state

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red state

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I don't know if I've ever been exposed to so much raw sports enthusiasm as seems to be the norm here. I swear I've heard more about local sports in the six weeks I've been in Nebraska than I did in all the years I lived in the Chicago suburbs. It doesn't even seem to occur to Lincoln denizens that one might not give a crap about the Cornhuskers - and I have a feeling that if it DID occur to them, that realization might just be followed up with a lynching.

My route to work takes me through the UNL campus, and I went in today about half an hour before a home game (which I knew about from my coworkers at work). I saw so many red shirts in those two blocks, I betcha I could have staffed at LEAST one five year mission's worth of away teams.

Oh, did I just go there? Yes, I did indeed.
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