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story dream

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story dream

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I had a dream last night that was very different from my norm. I was the narrator of a book, and the main action didn't even involve me. I think this was largely because I only got so far through the story in the span of the dream, though.

The main story was about three college professors. One was an Alan-Rickman-as-Snape type in build (though less greasy), one was a chubby Ann Rice type, and the third was nobody-in-particular-like, tall and willowy and in clothes that were a little floaty. In my dream I was very disapproving of them; I'm not sure why I thought they were such assholes, though part of it may have been because of their smoking. I think they did something early on that I don't remember, like being jerks in a restaurant or something. I also disapproved of their being out of shape, gothed out and "two years out of date," which are seriously weird positions for me to take, even in a dream. However, from the narration I know the story was going to culminate in my having to fire all three of them from the university staff (because apparently I can do that now), and that was influencing my attitude. Sadly, I don't know what caused them to be fired, because I didn't get that far.

They cleaned their house with a mad dash of feather dusters (it was like cleaning in a cartoon, very zoomy), and then they were going to walk somewhere else, but instead one of them realized something very bad had happened to her cat - it was sitting on a stone pedestal outside in their cemetery-like front yard and had been roasted with an apple in its mouth. She didn't even have time to react in any way to this before the others were with her and they all three realized there was a wizard in the yard (long hair, robes, the whole deal), with another cat on another pedestal that he was also going to roast. He didn't do the first one and this was somehow supposed to help.

Cut away to me, walking along the path that I walked every day coming home from primary school. I was an adult, but I was unhappy with some of my school friends because of something they had done. I was carrying a long stick off a tree but with no leaves or twigs left on it.

I ran into a group of boys who hadn't ever acted decently toward me. One of them, Curt, started telling a really sympathetic story about Russell, a kid that left our district before we got to middle school. While he talked, I started biting 1/6 inch pieces off the walking stick and eating them. He asked me what I was doing; I told him that I wouldn't have thought it in third grade, but he was really an all right guy, unlike my friends the unspecified jerks. I got up (I guess I sat down at some point) and continued walking to wherever I was going.

Back in the decked-out-like-a-cemetery yard, the wizard had now roasted the other cat. The three teachers, stunned by all this, notice that the second cat is moving her eyes. They then realize that the first cat is too, and that the cooked skin has separated a little from the eyes, as if the charred part is a shell. The cat owner puts her hands on its head and the cooked skin splits between the ears and slides wetly off to either side to reveal an unharmed cat with a completely undamaged coat of fur. They look at the other cat and out of its skin unfolds a skinny girl, nude, with mocha skin (I think it matched the fur) and light brown hair in ringlets halfway down her back, looking up with them with the same huge eyes they'd seen moving from within the cat skin moments before.

Suddenly they were in a very big hurry to get to somewhere else - I guess this cat roasting and renewal had been an interruption of their day? - and started walking on the sidewalk back toward my old house to be jerky in some way and eventually lose their jobs.

That's when I woke up. Now it's time to go back to bed for a while.

I need a 'sleepy' icon.
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