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big money

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big money

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All I have done today, work-wise, is key in invoices. Since I first started working in A/R almost seven years ago, it's seldom been the case before that I do one task for a whole day. At this job, though, they run checks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and entering billing would mess that up, so I can only do it on M-W-F, with the latter two carrying double loads of incoming mail. It can accumulate very quickly.

As of right now, I have entered 113 invoices today for a grand total of $1,354,879.75. The largest invoice total has been $150,000; the smallest has been $93.40. The next natural breaking point is 15 invoices away; the next after that another 31. I will make the first marker, but the second is unlikely.

I stayed up until 2:30 last night because I read all of Harry Potter 2 in a sitting that started at 11pm. Today, I am sleepy, which does not go well with the wearying nature of a day structured around a single task (I prefer multitasking); to keep myself focused, I am using microtasks (walk down the hall to check the mail, etc.) to interrupt the monotony and HP 3 as a motivator.
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