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how does your garden grow?

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how does your garden grow?

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I am not a gardener; I'm a plant killer, and I feel guilty enough over it that I would not take on the sole responsibility for any plants.

I'm up for gruntwork, however. Instructions can replace a green thumb, for the most part. As the only person currently in residence at the EH, I'm to water the communal garden in the back yard every day this week.

I can do that, but I'm unsure what to do when it's overcast. I don't want them overwatered, either. Yesterday I decided not to water because I really thought it was going to rain... but I don't think that came, so even though it really looks like rain again today, I did water just now.

I'm really glad I did! I saw:
--- new blooms on Scarlet's rosebush
--- a blossom on a strawberry that was not there before
--- a hummingbird!

It's cool that someone else is making me be outdoorsy. I usually miss all this. :)
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