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fruity review

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fruity review

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I bought some pluots - a breeding combo of the plum and the apricot - and had them for breakfast this morning.

I think they combine the worst aspects of the two fruits:

--- the skin had the taut, slick feel of a plum, of which I am not fond, and instead of an attractive purple or red, it was an ugly tan mottled with plummy flecks
--- the flavor was muted, with hints of both the citric sharpness of the plum and the sweetness of apricots, but satisfying on neither count
--- the flesh was an unpalatable mush.

I will likely give them another shot, as I may have gotten poor examples - it's hardly as if I had any idea of how they ought to be. However, the ones I had seemed to be in the prime of ripeness, and couldn't have been too far off peak, so I am not holding out much hope. From the ones I had, they might be good for cooking or baking, but for straight eating, they lose at fruit.
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