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is "dearth of vacuum" an oxymoron?

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is "dearth of vacuum" an oxymoron?

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Alternate title: I was a teenage Having had intimate relations with an appliance, I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

There are two vacuum machines in the house. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that gyades' vacuum was in use when I first came to the EH. It eventually developed a stinky burning smell. I thought it was friction from the roller bar being tangled with fibers from the raunchy old carpet scrap that used to be just inside the back door. I don't know that much about vacuums, but I had seen that cause problems before, and I couldn't get them loose, so I thought it could account for ongoing troubles.

I admit that I didn't try too hard to fix it, because there was another one already in the house, belonging to anarchist_nomad and cheshcat. We swapped out appliances, and the first one was relegated to a corner of the basement. That was probably a couple of years ago.

The second vacuum came apart while I was using it last night. I've known it was destabilizing for a few months, so it wasn't a surprise - just a pain, especially as it opted to do so very late at night, and I had no backup plan.

I fabricated one on the spot: gyades brought his old machine up from the basement for me. I turned it on and it had the same issue again instantly. I properly removed the stringy crap that was wrapped around and around and around the thing, as well as everything else I could. It actually did make it work a lot better and stink less - right up to the moment, ten minutes later, when the roller completely stopped moving.

I was kind of stunned at this point. I was already up late, and planned to stay up yet later... largely to vacuum various and sundry areas of the house. I was pretty effectively derailed on that, no longer having the vacuum power I needed (I was not about to do something nuts like try to clean an entire oriental rug with a dustbuster). I did some other things instead, but meanwhile, my goals for the evening, already ridiculous, were now rendered impossible.

Between tasks, I was chatting with loh, and she said that it sounded like a belt problem. I started examining the vacuum, and as I hoped, it had instructions for several different things written on it. I opened up the casing of the power head and, as predicted, I had less of a "belt" and more of a "strip of rubber."

At least now I knew what to do, eh? Another handy thing inscribed on the vacuum was the 800# for Eureka. I called it and got an automated system which, after a fairly reasonable amount of number punching, told me the nearest store that does parts and service for Eureka. I wrote it all down, as well as the make and model of the vacuum, and put it in my bag.

This morning, I called the number, learned their hours, called back within those hours, ascertained that they carried the belt I needed and notified gyades of what I'd learned. Since he was picking up anarchist_nomad at the airport mid-morning, I was hoping they could return via the vacuum shop. They called back later and that is exactly what they did, after I provided all the needed info.

When I got home from work, I didn't know where the belt had been put. As it turns out, it wasn't in a package - which is what I was looking for - and gyades had hung it over one of the hooks on the vacuum, black on black - impossible to find until you know it's there. Houston, we have ignition!

I already had the screws removed; I took off the rest of the hood to the vacuum head and looked inside. Again, I found instructions on a sticker. I love that so much.

I popped out the roller wheel, cleaned off the reduced-to-gummy-crumbs former belt bits, and, after a short struggle, seated the new belt in place. I reassembled the power head, and plugged it in.

It works!

I don't know a lot about vacuum machines. I don't know that there is much TO know either. All I know is that, in spite of getting vacuum gunk all on me, I feel quite pleased with myself, though not quite as much as when I installed the removable-for-cleaning toilet seat.

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