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refrigerator, heal thyself

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refrigerator, heal thyself

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A while ago, the Event Horizon fridge's icemaker started making ice in a new way. The old method was make some fingernail moons of ice and drop them in the bucket, creating many pieces of ice. The new method was to make half-sized fingernail moons and drop them in the bucket along with unfrozen ice, that is to say, water, and make one gigantic piece of ice in a one cube ice tray, the aforementioned bucket.

This didn't really work for us, so we stopped using it. We talked about replacing the fridge, but it isn't broken enough yet. I missed ice, but I had other things going on, and I got it when I went out anyplace and otherwise I went without.

In December, the kitchen at my new job had a standalone ice maker, which was pretty rad - enough to make me stop missing ice at home much at all, since I could bring some home with me at the end of each day.

Couple of times we got bags of ice as well. It was the bag ice from Memorial Day, in fact, that filled up the freezer so much that the ice maker's lever was depressed... and the ice maker started putting out ice, using the old "working correctly" method again.

I'm going to avoid putting brainpower into the idea of regeneration in appliances, but I'm glad that there is ice again.
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