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Just got back a bit ago from a pleasant evening BBQ hosted by heatherinktum and ike2100. Nice to see everybody - including the dog; she's sweet - and met two others, Dan and Allison, for the first time. Good day.

Skipped out on the fireworks, however; they don't really have the power to excite me, certainly not enough to be worth dousing myself in bug repellent. I also hear them outside here and now, but again, if my heart rate's elevated, it's only because of a caffeine/sugar overdose.

By contrast, I feel jazzed about the idea of running through the sprinkler during the next EH party, if other folks bring swimsuits. My brand-spanking-new to do list includes trying to fix the outdoor faucet and maybe buying water balloons. These things may not happen, however; it remains to be seen.

For the moment, though, I'm going to lie down to either read or sleep.
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