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reluctant return

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reluctant return

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Got home last night. I'm not where I really want to be.

This is especially true now that I am back at work. Did not think about this place for more than a cumulative minute last week. *big slow grin*

I had a LOT of trouble getting to sleep last night - I saw 5am, which is rough on a work night. I made up for it a bit by staying in bed to pretty much the last possible minute, skipping my shower (haha, coworkers! You get stinky me!)(I don't stink too much, really, I was clean yesterday).

I may nap when I get home - though I am notoriously bad at doing that. Bad at going to bed early, too, but I think I am going to have to catch up somewhere or suffer some unpleasant days. Today I still have waves of yay to ride, but that can't carry me past Wednesday or so.
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