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Hmmm... interesting morning today - Kelly had an extremely bad time getting ready and decided not to come to work at the last minute.  I ended up 10 minutes late.  Carpooling - it's fun!  Not that I minded - it was not really bad for me.  I sort of miss my solitary morning drive, so it's nice every once in a while, and anyway, she and I have been doing well enough with our daily genuflections to the timeclock lately - surely the vagaries of life can be accepted *this* far occasionally.

Went CD shopping last night (mostly used) - so I have a few new things to listen to.  It's changing up the day nicely.  Mmmm... listening to Sade - some "greatest hits" that I have never heard before.  Isn't that always the way?  :)  It's very nice, though; mellow, but upbeat.  The new-to-me stuff is right in line with the songs of hers I did know.  I probably was not listening to the right music to catch these tunes - I'm thinking the Sade songs I do know were crossovers from, uh, jazz, I guess - and that was not what I was listening to in the 80's!  My daddy raised me to rock!!

This started out as an email, and then I thought, "Wait... newsy, chatty, impersonal?  This is no email!  This is an LJ entry!"  And, voila - update!

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