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Strange dreams:

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Strange dreams:

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First a very involved school dream, in which I did my best to ingratiate myself with the popular girls only to have them make fun of me much more effectively (and elaborately - there was a big cheer routine about me) than they ever managed in life. Kind of a self-serving dream with a moral that I already believed anyway - but disturbing.

Then I invented a fairly ideal (as in, my "type," members of which group I have seldom been involved with) made-up man who was really into me - TALK about self-serving! Yowsa! Not a thing I have done in dreams, like, ever, though they're so ephemeral that maybe I have and just don't remember it. Hilariously, I had a talk with him about our needing to get to know each other better before really committing to anything. Even in dreams...

We had some, uh, problems, though. We were at some kind of fair or carnival with several other folks (in dreams, I often have disposable side characters so that at any time I can form a group of adventurers, like in The Hobbit or Scooby-Doo). There was a witch/fortune teller/something on a hill, and she was being made to do whatever it was she was doing there by some other man. We got him to let her go, and he was actually very nice about it all (maybe he was holding her in servitude by accident); the vague risk we had taken in dealing with him never manifested, so... yay? Then we went to an area that was underneath stadium seating but was an open arch. Suddenly, George W. Bush came storming in and yelling at Mr. Ideal-face. Seems he was good with horses, and GW was accusing him of causing a horse to lose. I can't remember the name of the horse he was yelling about, but he was an extremely cartoony Bush with big, empty-of-thought eyes and huge shell-like ears, but still human, or anyway as much as he ever was.

Funny stuff. :)

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