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I "went to bed" two hours ago.

I was just going to read for a few minutes. Instead, I accidentally read the whole book.

Pocket review: Sebastian, as the beginning to Anne Bishop's newest series, is not as good as her first, the Dark Jewels trilogy (which I described earlier this evening as being "dark, broody, violent, sexy; gothy but redolent of danger rather than basement") but is better than the intermediary one. She works with a fairly limited number of themes, but they mesh well with this story.

I used to read like that all the time, at least a couple hundred books a year. I still read as fast but not nearly as often - I'd be surprised if I was pushing a dozen. My time goes elsewhere these days - much of it in the same manner I'm spending it right now - and something I value equally, at least, but still, I miss the books.

The downside is this all happened after I'd already hit the wall. I had to type half of this entry with my eyes closed - though it's waking me up, which is not so good a thing after two AM.
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