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we need to go and see a show!

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we need to go and see a show!

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cheshcat pointed out (ruefully, from her present position in the UK) that Jonathan Coulton* is appearing in the Chicago area this month. For the price of fifteen dollars (plus 2 for some fee or other), it seemed criminal to pass it up, so I didn't. The current roster of attendees is gyades, nekouken, ktp1 and me, but I think it'd be fun to hook up with any other likeminded folks who can come.

There may be more than one way to get tickets, but I only saw the one at Schuba's site, for which you have to register. I bit the bullet (I try to register on as few websites as possible), but if anyone would like to come but would rather not register, get me money and I can get you tickets for so long as they are available.

According to the venue website, tickets are NOT a guarantee of seating, only admittance. Since the show is at 7:00, we're going to want to be there as early as we can. I know I'll be taking off from work early that day - I want to shoot for arriving at 6:15. :)

FYI - as it is a two act show, I checked out the other act touring with JC, Paul and Storm, on YouTube. They look like fun as well.

* If you do not know who Jonathan Coulton is, my apologies for leaving you in ignorance so long, and to remedy that, please go here and play some of these songs. There are some available for free download, and all are web-playable (and that software appears to have been upgraded to the point where it is pretty damned slick). To get a quick feel for the different types of music he makes I recommend "Code Monkey," "Re: Your Brains," "Shop Vac," "When You Go" and "Ikea." Enjoy!
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