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in which things happen

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in which things happen

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Yesterday I worked from 8:30am to 1:30 am this morning, to beat a deadline, which was a success.

Just based on that, I wasn't planning to go in this morning, and that morphed into a definite plan not to go in at all when I stopped at 7-11 to get a sandwich and my ignition key wouldn't work. Hasn't had problems or given any warning... just suddenly wouldn't turn, stranding me in the rain at nearly 2am - considered calling the cops for help, or abandoning the car, walking home in the rain, and calling the dealership in the morning, but before I got to any of those extremes, I woke gyades to come rescue me with a spare key, which yayfully worked. Thanks again, man!

SO, that is why I slept until noon, that is why I've been home to clean house for our weekend company, and that is why I'm here on a break to come across amazing shit like this (speaking of morphing).

Nice to have a day off (if scrubbing grout with a toothbrush qualifies as a "day off" - hmm, you know, it does, actually), since I worked both Saturday and Sunday - and I'll still have OT this week.
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