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party party!

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party party!

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Gooooood Saturday: having been up late on Friday night, I slept until 2:30 on Saturday; did the househould side of my personal finance stuff (after a fair amount of procrastinating); quick shower and headed to Wisconsin with gyades to party with moiracoon and stormdog.

When we got there and met the other geekfolk (too sleepy right now to dig up LJ handles), House, which I have never seen, was on. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten, so I ate during that. Then we all watched some videoey stuff and some internety stuff - the dedicated TV computer was an interesting setup, though I struggled a little with the browser when doing my standard Jonathan Coulton pimping. There was some geeky chat and some discussion of what it's like to live in different cities in the area - and more discussion of shopping malls than I have probably heard in the last five years, because I think my stance of mall-hater is not conducive to such discussions; this one was more interesting than most to me, because it was regarding the ones in Rockford (the large city nearest my hometown). There was also some muted pyro activity - on the way home gyades mentioned that my usual fire safety rant was absent; I determined quickly that it was because a) it was on cement, and even though that put it somewhat uncomfortably close to the house b) it was also raining the whole time, enough that I ended up wanting an umbrella (oh, yeah, guys, I hung the umbrella from the truck on the hooks right inside the side door so it could dry - made sure it wasn't touching anything fabric).

The last thing we did, as the laptops came out, was watch a movie called Haiku Tunnel, about which moiracoon was enthused and rightly so - I liked it much better than the comparable Office Space, which I find too inherently flawed for my pleasure. I didn't see much of this movie, because I was in what gyades called a "blissed out" state from the head and neck skritchies administered by stormdog, which of course called for closed eyes. On the other hand, I also remained awake for the whole movie, following the plot and laughing quite a bit at some things, and looking whenever things seemed interesting enough to require visuals. Since consciousness through a movie is not a given with me these days, this seems to stand out. I think I will just arrange for skritchies from now on - they kept me conscious while simultaneously relaxing me to the point where I swayed on my feet as we left, and I slept very well in the car and in the bed once we got back home. This isn't a universal solution, because one has to enter hedonistic kitty space to get the proper effect, and not everyone is shameless like me. That's ok, though; hedonistic kitties don't care whether they provide panaceas, only whether they get skritchies.

The only downside is that the geeky boys didn't realize that gyades was a physicist until we were leaving, and so the conversation they wanted to start, which would have been very interesting, had to die aborning so we could make it home safely (we got home after 2 as it was!). Will have to do again sometime.
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