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how do you tell?

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how do you tell?

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So, on the one hand, I’m wearing:

---a black dress
---black shoes
---black thigh high self-stay-up stockings
---an ankh pendant strung on a dog-tag-style chain

On the other hand:
---the ankh is accompanied by a smiley lucky penny strung on embroidery floss (BLACK embroidery floss, though!)
---my black dress is snuggly cotton and has been recommended to be used as jammies
---the dress also has pockets
---earlier, in the grip of iron whimsy, I emptied a bag of peanut M&Ms in one of said pockets and ate them from there
---There is no makeup between my pink cheeks and the world (unless A&W root beer lip gloss counts)(I’m pretty sure it doesn’t)

And, of course, there is the smile.

I think the line between goth girl and 5 year old is more about nuance than anything else.

I wonder: how would it alter the balance if I cut holes in the stockings (a la Laurie Pettie in Tank Girl)?
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