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wellness (or lack thereof) update

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wellness (or lack thereof) update

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I have slept at least 20 of the last 24 hours.

I had a fever that peaked at 101.7, though it seems to have broken now... after that it seems less likely that I just have a cold. Mom said there are some strange flus floating around this year (or maybe she said something else; I was not tracking too well what with the fever). Still feel out of it, though not like I was.

Pretty sure I will not be going to work today. I don't think they want me in this condition.

I have drunk water until I feel like I am made of water (which I mostly am!).

Being awake at this hour, I got to chat with a friend who is currently in Belgium, so that was nice.

Going back to bed. Next time I get up I will take a shower and maybe change the sheets. That would feel good, if I can actually find the energy to do it.
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