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I've been trying to get up earlier. Last night I attempted to go to bed early, but then I got a wild hare about a sorting task and ended up staying up later. Sorting papers in the bed is quite upsetting to the Nona cat, as it happens. She kept trying to call me downstairs to the couch to sleep. Annoying, but cute.

Still, got up earlier today. Today I have a couple of tasks in mind to do before work, so put a note on the clock and got up at the very first alarm. Been getting to work earlier this week, still resenting the timeliness call. Been reading a couple of threads about timeliness/tardiness on the Straight Dope Message Board (here's the civil one). There is food for thought there, as well as the usual extremism on both sides. Reading internet debates is a good way to get a quick array of viewpoints on the topic, but it also makes me want to shake the participants and say, "You're TYPING in response to TEXT. Read what they wrote, read what you are writing, and THINK." Either that or just go in slapping, the way dad's mom reportedly did when the kids started acting up in the car. Yes, I realize the betterment to be gained there is mostly the immediate calming of the slapper rather than the learning process of the slappee. When it comes to internet debates, I am ok with that. Most of them ought to know better already, anyway. Now I just need that machine that slaps people through the internet to get invented...

So, I did successfully arise early this morning, but every time I stop moving, I zone out. That doesn't actually do me that much good, so I thought a quick LJ update might wake up my brain. I think it has been successful, if it doesn't eat my entire morning - which means I have to arise and seize the day... NOW.
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