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claw clip for vet trip

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claw clip for vet trip

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I got Nona and Stumpy day before yesterday; Stumpy was Tallulah Bankheading on the table and her claws kept catching the tablecloth.

I pinked one of Nona's claws for the first time. :( She complained, but then she came up and rubbed my leg not five minutes later, so clearly it was a forgivable offense, at least.

REALLY need to catch Chirpy, but she's been skittish, and last night I was too tired when I went to bed to be up for it when she came to assault me for affection - she's STRONG.

Good time to do it - just before the big vet trip.

ETA: Got the Chirpy cat: was not hard if you ignore the fact that she thought I was killing her and wriggled and cried accordingly. She's strong like bull, whiny like teenager - but unharmed and less dangerously armed.

Wish I could give her a calmer experience, but she's ALWAYS skittish around me, even when she's cold-nosing me and shoving her head under my hand (with great force and gusto!) to DEMAND petting.
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