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some beginnings are just inauspicious

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some beginnings are just inauspicious

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I overslept yesterday - shut off my alarm, was awakenened naturally by who knows what (don't REMEMBER it being a cat...) and went in to work an hour and 20 minutes late.

I made up the first hour of that on the same day, though, and will finish today, most likely. I any event, and in spite of the lateness (which was the first time for me at this job, in spite of the totally whacked way I seem to be sleeping), I'm settling in to the work. The person I am replacing had a death in the family over the holiday, so was not in yesterday or the day before, and I did some of the work that she had shown me - the simplest part of it, and much more slowly than she would, and with some handholding from another person who does the same kind of work, but still, yeah.

I'm printing out a timesheet at the moment, which is why I am... oh, and it's finished, so I had better grab a lightning fast shower and get a move on.
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