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Tonight we celebrated the recent natal day anniversary of teh Chesh! :)

cheshcat, anarchist_nomad, gyades,bammba_m and xirpha played Puerto Rico while fitzotter crocheted, onebrightroad computed, and I baked still MORE Teatime Tassies. I did this tonight mostly because I had planned to make at least one more batch and already had the butter out (though still wrapped) and at room temp for several days, and I didn't want to re-refrigerate it because it sometimes gets grainy when you do that, and ick. Now that is not out in the way on the counter any more, though I again have leftover dough with which I must dispense. Most likely I will make more tiny spinach quiches - maybe as appetizers for the meal on Thursday? Hmm...

We ate Noodles and Co., which is always fun, and then we had cake ordered from the Upper Crust in Lisle, chocolate with Boston cream filling; cheshcat was pleased with it, so that's grand. About the only thing that didn't go off without a hitch is that bammba_m left while I had (not very) surreptitiously gone off to fetch a stunning array of ice cream from the store, so I did not get to say good bye. Chesh blew out the candles in a darkened room - WHOOOSH! - and we added another car to the holiday sugar train. Then, gifts, yay!

Now I am up way too late, having silly serial chat and typing up my copious notes from work, a special freebie for the company, in the hopes that with the resource I will have once the notes are organized, my trainer will say that I have learned enough by Thursday that I can take Friday off without losing too much thereby - otherwise I will end up working at least a half day if not a full one. Seriously, why the hell is this office even OPEN on Friday? Don't they get a day off for the holiday? *I* don't, but I had hoped to take advantage of an absence that isn't happening.
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