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Cookie Exchange '06

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Cookie Exchange '06

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Over the weekend I baked cookies - many, many cookies. I eschewed house cleaning in favor of said baking.

Sunday was xirpha's cookie exchange, and I brought Teatime Tassies and Nutty Crackers. I made myself somewhat sick by eating too many while baking them (they are rich and it does not take many), so I was not as hungry as I could have been at the buffet and for cookie sampling. Still, I did enjoy the different kinds of soup, and there was a very interesting tuna salad, with green olives in it, I think?

I went early, in case that was a necessary part of such an exchange (had not been to one before, so wasn't sure even after having it described to me). It was more laid back than that, as it turns out (it was mostly xirpha's family, but they were perfectly friendly and there were a few other non-members like me). As it turns out, there's not much of formality to the process - you just socialize and sample the cookies, then select cookies to take home, to replace the ones that others will take from the ones you brought. Meanwhile, cheshcat had flown in and was napping until it was time for her and gyades to pick up anarchist_nomad from HIS flight in, and all turn up at xirpha's place.

We wound up staying to the end of the night, having an extensive conversation about mutation, which I listened to while dozing rather than actually participating. Then we all came home to the EH, where I was no longer sleepy, of course.

Now that I am working again, I have to readapt to a sleep schedule that calls for me to get up at the same time every day. It's still difficult for me - it always has been - but I am still learning the job, everything is new and everyone is nice - haven't had enough time or exposure to come to truly dislike it. Hopefully, I won't have time to do that at all.
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