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post, then flist

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post, then flist

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I've been dismayed enough at myself for not writing in my LJ as much as I want to have done. The minutia of life as it happens keeps slipping by unrecorded, and it seems so much more important after I've forgotten it. I can't seem to make the itch to have written match the writing button. 8:30 me and 6:30 me agree - it's that 7:30 chump who was supposed to do the homework, and she keeps dropping the ball...

I know myself - a trick like alphabet posting or that hundred days thing would turn me off. Instead, I've made myself a new rule, started a few days ago, that banks on the addictive nature of LJ: no reading my friends page until I've posted whatever's relevant.

I love my friends page - I check it at least once a day most of the time. I should be posting much more often again, and hopefully get back into the habit, because it's a good one.
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