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meet-up, then food

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meet-up, then food

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Home from M + B's.

Doing laundry at the moment, so I can pack for the Thanksgiving trip to Indiana. Have I ever been to Indiana before? I'm not even sure, but I won't be able to say that after tomorrow. I feel completely neutral about that.

Tonight I am having an almost-spur-of-the-moment (arranged last night) date-kinda-thing with a chat buddy who is unexpectedly in the area. We have an overlapping window of availability, for tonight only - normally he is much too far away, so I figured, why not? Hopefully it'll balance out a holiday with the family - because those are so much fun. Ah, well, it IS fun, in a tiring, annoying, I'd-really-rather-not-see-you-all-together kind of way.

Hmm. I seem hypheny.
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