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Halloween visitations

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Halloween visitations

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Before it becomes totally irrelevant, I tracked the costumes on Halloween night,and I don't really have anything to do with that list OTHER than put it here. I think I got them all - if I missed any, it was if there were more than the 11 I caught in that one huge horde.

Grouped loosely by category rather than chronology, I was visited by:

a cheerleader; also two zombie cheerleaders (they had matching pigtails and sweatshirts that said Zombie U

two football players (both girls)

an alien (who didn't know what he was, but it was pretty clear to me that his mask was randomly alienesque)

a dog

a kitty

two witches

a kitty vampire witch (who I think also didn't know who she was, but in a different kind of way)

a ninja

a pirate

a robber

a tiny devil who didn't talk

a "skeleton guy" (ala Scream), a skeleton and a chilly skeleton (he had a sweatshirt over the costume)

a dead bride

a kid who was NOT dead - this fact was highlighted - but had a huge screw wedged front and center in his forehead (it looked pretty damned good, actually)

Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, and the dad from the Incredibles (I said Impossibles, how embarrassing)

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Tinkerbell, evil Tinkerbell (or dark Tink, or dead Tink, I didn't quite catch it) an unnamed fairy, a dead fairy and a fairy with no wings

a "phantom thing" (I don't think he picked his costume)

two Pajama Kids (or Pajama Girls, I dunno, it's some TV show according to the dad who was accompanying the second one)

Sleeping Beauty (she had jammies and a tiara)

a princess, a ballerina princess and a hippie princess (those three were together and I think they were doing some costume swapping)

Total count of kids: 37
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