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taking notes from within a mess

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taking notes from within a mess

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I'm frustrated with myself.

I have a lot to write about, but I can't get into that headspace.  It's only one part of a chronic pattern I've been going through: I can't find any one thing to grab that doesn't have something else I haven't done that has to precede it.  It's a Gordian knot, an impossible game of pickup sticks. 

I really need to make a shift at home.  I was practically legendary at my former job as an organization fiend, but here, where I live, I'm in what feels like total disarray.  It's a serious distraction from the other things I need to do, and in some cases it's actually preventing me from accomplishing the task.

The truth is, I do have an underlying organizational structure, but it's been neglected long enough that functionally, it's pretty much in ruins.  Even with the work I've done (and I have done quite a bit), I am going to keep smacking into the various messy areas of my life until I've gotten through it all and PURGED.

I've been digging into the physical side of things today.  It feels like I've made some progress, so at least there's that.

As for writing, well, here I am.  Each entry I make will be a good thing, and I'll probably go towards the paper journals again.  The addictive draw of LJ will pull me through.  I just... really want to record some of what's happening right now.

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