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don't widen THAT horizon!

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don't widen THAT horizon!

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Tonight, nekouken and I went to a Chinese buffet in Elgin for dinner.  The food was adequate, but not really to my liking, so I stopped eating fairly quickly and then just waited for him.

nekouken decided to finish with some fruit, so I meandered over to see if any of it looked good to me.  Well, you know how they'll cut up bananas and put it in a strawberry gel kind of thing at Chinese buffets?  They had some of that, but the strawberry gel looked kind of funny.  He thought it was pie filling, and in spite of the fact that I thought it looked like applesauce but red, my first thought was rhubarb.  However, I figured it was just a slightly funky batch of the usual stuff, sure to be fine to the taste, so I asked him to get me some in addition to some jello.

Back at the table, I picked up the banana from his plate (with my FINGERS!  I'm an ANIMAL!!) and popped it in my mouth.

It was not pie filling.  It was not red applesauce.  It had nothing to do with rhubarb and was not even close to the usual stuff.

It was sweet and sour sauce.

There were several reasons this was amusing to nekouken (so says he): the expression on my face; the whiny outcry with which I cleansed my palate with jello, the fact that I appeared near tears over it, and the fact that it was bananas... IN SWEET AND FREAKING SOUR SAUCE.

I like to try unfamiliar things at buffets, where I don't have to commit a whole meal to something I might not like.  However, I find that I am not in favor of the whole  experimental eating trip expanding to include the fruit and dessert bar.

P. S.  Chinese buffet restaurant sweet and sour sauce is TOTALLY GRODY.
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