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will the real Emily Litella stand up, please?

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will the real Emily Litella stand up, please?

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Sometimes I feel so culturally illiterate.  I didn't know there was a musician named Fergie, so I thought the Duchess of York had cut an album.  Doesn't help that I have not really got a firm idea of what she looks like, other than having red hair.  I might be able to pick her out of a lineup... but I might not.  I've heard it said that Americans are fascinated by the British royal family because we want one of our own (hence the Kennedys) but I myself am not the proof in that particular pudding.

That kind of knowledge doesn't really matter; I have other uses - but I was all set to hold forth on the subject, here, and it would have been sorta embarrassing, in a place where the only people whose opinions actually matter to me are rather clustered.

It's too bad, though - though the image from this icon is still hilarious, it was a whole magnitude of order funnier when I thought that she was a royal. *laugh*

Thanks to nonbinary for the save.  :)
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