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bank error not in my favor

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bank error not in my favor

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Last night, I was unhappy to look at my bank account online and see that I had two overdraft charges.  That happens sometimes, but it's so frustrating.  I hate giving the bank my money for basically no reason other than living carelessly, but it's a consequence of living paycheck-to-paycheck and not being as careful with my money as I should (I forgot to bring my live check home from the office two days in a row, and in my figuring, I had forgotten about the automatic payment for my insurance). 

It was more frustrating than usual, though, because I was pretty sure that I had checked before I left, and those checks hadn't cleared yet the day I made the deposit.

Happily, I thought to check the date of the deposit slip.  It said the 20th, which matched my memory, but NOT my online statement which said the 21st.

I called the bank this morning, and the charges will be overturned.  Thank goodness - this month was already tight enough without having to give the bank 60 bucks!

I really need to somehow develop a cushion, though.  This kind of living on the edge is not a thrill so much as it is a giant pile of suck.
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