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back in the water again

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back in the water again

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Went swimming tonight.  :)

I was even happier than last time, because in the interim I had obtained:

  • padlock
  • flip flops
  • cloth hair tie instead of rubber band
  • second towel for hair
  • Swim Ear for afterwards

I still only did three laps, still felt my heartrate go up.  It may have been slightly less difficult than last time, or that may be a fantasy.  It was definitely easier to get out of the water than last time, though.  *chuckle*  It will all get easier, especially if I kick up the frequency.

I need to find out how long that pool is, and I wouldn't mind some at-least-semi-dangerous horseplay to intercut with the dutiful and businesslike swimming of laps.

Last time the only other people were also swimming laps.  This time there was a waterobics class going on in one lane of the four, and this couple got in the water to chat or flirt or something in the one on the other end of the pool, which I was using to be as far from the class as possible.  I thought about getting snippy about lanes, then realized that that would be stupid and pretentious and just ducked under the floaty divider thingy to an empty one.  My hearing was obscured by water much of the time anyway - the shrill echoes of the instructor's calls were at least half lost on me.

- - - - - - - - - -

On a slightly related note, I think I need to start using moisturizer again.  For some reason I always stop in the summer, but swimming on any kind of regular basis is going to completely dry out my skin.

Wow, with that piece of info I discover that I have the power to bore even myself.

I win this round of internet!
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