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I want your digitals

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I want your digitals

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I have a most wondrously hilarious conversation to relay, but I feel I should mention that, at least when compared to swimming and cat claws, it's slightly risque.

Several months ago, a friend sent me a picture of his penis.  It was all aboveboard - he'd asked first, I said sure, I received the file, I was vastly amused by the fact that, judging from the file name, his bologna does, in fact, appear to have a first name, and that was pretty much that.

I was chatting with him this evening when the facts arose in conversation that:

    a) oh, yeah, I've seen that, and
    b) I still have "photo evidence".

The following ensued:

him: Do you still have those pics??
me: it's in the Naughty folder
me: I don't throw things away without a reason
him: Because if you wouldn't mind sending me a copy back, I lost the originals.
me: there was only the one
me: but no I don't mind
me: ooh, I'm sending a pic of a penis
me: I'm going to pretend you're a chick

him: LMAO
me: should be on its way
him: It is
*** him has received BigLou.jpg.
me: you like that, baby?
me: oh god so funny

When I asked him about making this post, I got permission not only to put up the chat log, but also to share his IM handle or his OkCupid profile, which I will do upon request.

I also have a picture I could send anyone who's interested...baby.
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