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First actual entry

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First actual entry

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This is my first LJ entry, to my first LJ.  In other words, "Dear Diary..."

I felt the need to say so, because I plan to eventually backdate and enter a lot of my previous journaling - typing up things that are written in half a dozen books that end in empty pages - or on looseleaf - the heavens forfend!  For the most part, the backdating is the feature that's allowed me to overcome my reticence and start this sucker.  Prior to today, I've always written my thoughts in longhand.  I'll miss the sight of my own handwriting, but this format has potential organizational benefits that I find I can't resist any longer.  Anyway, I wanted to red-flag this day, because, unless I have failed to comprehend how this will actually work, this entry won't always be chronologically first - only first in this particular epoch of expression.

I don't do smilies, I don't do emoticons - I have nothing against them, I even think they're cute, in a geek-chic kind of way.  It's just that, since my mode of self-expression has evolved from a longhand epistolary format (as opposed to, say IRC or any chat format) there are no gaps for me to insert them.  I may come to them naturally, in time, but I don't need them and I won't force myself.  I'm feeling very minimalist, for now.

And so!  Forward into the fray!

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