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wet girl!

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wet girl!

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Went swimming today, at my new gym.  First time I've been in a pool all year.  First time I've swum LAPS in... I dunno... yonks, fer sure.

I did three laps, and I rested in between each, and WOW, by the third one, I swear the pool had grown about 50 yards.  I could barely climb the ladder to get out - the water was supprting me more than I wanted to believe.  :)   It was more exercise than I'd had in a while, too - my heart rate was rather elevated for a few minutes, which is why I stopped at three laps.

I feel really good, though.  Swimming has that whole-body enervating effect, because you're USING the whole body, and then afterwards you get that lassitude, from endorphins or whatever it is.

I almost want to take a swim class; I felt like I was not doing the strokes quite right.  That may very well just be lack of practice, though.  I will give myself some time.
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