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think before you speak

I belong to a bunch of communities. Most of them I belong to for the sole purpose of reading posts that have been snarked elsewhere. I am an extreme lurker, and some of the communities to which I belong I do not even read at all, let alone participate.

However, I posted a reply in this thread today. It's completely off-topic for that community, but the rules regarding comments have far more flexibility than the main posts, and I think that's as it should be. Sometimes the things from which I gain the most are completely OT.

In case it goes away, in response to this:

Just so you know, I'm not trying to start anything, but frankly don't think I should have to use a dictionary to figure out what people on the internet are trying to say.

That is all.

I said this:

I lurk, and I've seen enough of your comments to know that you are literate, and to thus interpolate that you're actually objecting to the way that new netspeak acronyms are constantly appearing; however, if I went by the letter of your comment, I would never use words like "chiarascuro," "sesquipedalian" or "interpolate", even in my own personal journal, because I know there are people just on my friends list who might not know those words, let alone throughout the internet at large.

This is not meant as a criticism, as much as pointing out that I do not think you meant what you said. I often marvel at how easy it is to do that.

I have had to look up IAWTC and FTW, among many others; I don't mind them, though, so long as they're peppered through real discourse, rather than BEING the discourse. :)

On that subject, I do have a big fat vocabulary, and I know that while some find it impressive, others find it obnoxious.  It certainly gets me a reputation for being smart which I would rather have come from the MEANING of the words that escape my lips when they are all strung together than from the individual syllable count of each (oh no, people think I'm smart but for the wrong reason - ENNUI! *presses back of hand to forehead*).  It also makes social camoflage rather difficult - and sometimes that wallflower thing would be... restful.  Those things aren't reason enough to modify my speech, though, so I don't.  I'm me.  Here I be!

Incidentally, sesquipedalian was the LJ handle I wanted, but it was taken, apparently for the purpose of extreme irony.

*edit*  She didn't get what I was saying anyway.  *sigh* Sometimes I don't know why I say anything at all in situations like that.  I hate when I fail to communicate.
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