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do stuff!

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do stuff!

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Last night , with nekouken as my travelling companion and aid, I:

  • joined a health club
  • used my birthday money to buy the second season of ST:TNG and seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Buffy at Fry's (for DAMNED good prices - too bad their CSRs are completely ignorant)
  • ate food from Noodles and Co.  (with an outrageous wait, while three 20-somethings sat and gabbed right next to our to-go bag which sat there for who knows how long - if the food hadn't been EXACTLY right and still hot when we got home, I'd have called the manager this morning)
  • backed up my hard drive
  • watched MSTified Werewolf (war-wilf!!)
  • assembled a desk

Full night, and good, in spite of the fact that I was full of grumples.


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